HOME Care Consulting Services

What We Offer

Meeting Templates
Not sure what to cover in your Quality Assurance and Governing Authority Meetings? We can help you create a template with important meeting content to pass state regulations. 
Manual Policies and Rosters
Not sure where to start? We can provide you with a guideline for the policy that needs updating (i.e. Emergency Response Plans; patient rosters, staff rosters, community rosters). 

Home Care Registry
Confused about how to add your nonprofessional staff to the registry? We provide education to familiarize your agency with the state regulations to avoid deficiencies. 

Personnel and Patient Files
Unsure about how to maintain your files? We provide consultations on how to meet state regulations and maintain these files to avoid deficiencies. Our services range from medical order templates to in-service instruction.

Electronic Plan of Corrections (ePOC)
Don’t know how to respond? No problem, we provide consultations on how to respond to your ePOC deficiencies.  We also respond to MLTCs on your behalf after a critical incident. And ensure all matters are addressed new interventions put in place and policies for prevention.

WE Offer LHCSA kick Start and Operations

Running a home care agency is tough with changing DOH regulations and government cut backs.you need to be on your P and Qs at all times. The Expert Nurse at Allpro Health will keep you compliant, smooth out your business processes and increase your profit margins. We are there when your DPS quits and your in the middle of an audit. Yes we will have your back!