Basic Life Support

What is BLS?
BLS stands for Basic Life Support. This course includes life-saving techniques that are used until full medical care is available. Utilizing BLS skills can double a victim’s survival rate.
Who should obtain a BLS certification?
Anyone will find this class useful, and may save a life by taking the time to learn these techniques.
The ALLPRO NYC HEALTH BLS Certification Course is open to healthcare professionals. BLS certification is required for first responders, firefighters, law enforcement personnel, nurses, doctors and so many more.
What will you learn?
In ALLPRO NYC HEALTH Certification Courses, you will learn to describe and utilize the links in the Chain of survival:
Call 911
BLS is useful in treating cardiac arrest, choking or drowning victims
Perform 1 and 2 rescuer CPR with rescue breathing using mouth to mouth, mouth to mask, and bag mask device
Relieve foreign body airway obstruction for the adult, child, or infant victim.